Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Bigger Picture

Wrote this before but I think this is a good post to start with....

Us Americans have traded in our freedoms, our religion, our self dignity for materialistic items. We are so focused on the here and now, how our social standing and our moment of self importance will be affected if we do not buy that Ipad, or those shoe’s, or those clothes. Everyone is guilty of it including myself, but when does it become time to look pass the glitz and glam of an item and see the overall big picture?
It is time for us to get pass the euphoria of our wants and start asking the honest question? Can I really afford this? Most people try to avoid the question in hopes of not feeling the guilt if the answer is not to their liking.
So what is the point I’m trying to make you might ask? We need to start thinking about the pros and cons of acquiring an item and less time acting on impulse. Do I need to buy those Jordan’s? Can I really afford this video game? Should I be eating out and partying all the time?
Ask the hard question and do what the answer tells you to do. You will thank yourself in the future!

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