Sunday, July 22, 2012

College Grads Facing the Employment Blues

"Everyone keeps crossing their fingers for a new burst of hiring. And for those just starting out, a crystal ball would certainly help steer them on the right path.  But fortune tellers and fairy godmothers seem absent from the job-forecasting business, leaving some recent college grads regretting their choice of studies and wishing they had prepared for a "more practical" profession"

Say goodbye to the days where receiving that career job after college was a for sure bet.   Elizabeth G. Olson writes about the effects of the economy on recent graduates.  In order to survive in today's world we must adjust to the times.  If your about to go or are currently in college, begin researching the starting salary of the position you wish to be employed in.  Also, come back down to earth if you think your graduating college making a six figure salary.  But there is a silver lining within the job market.  Check out which job industries have been growing and are expected to grow till 2020. 

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